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Selected Exhibitions

1995 New York International Video Festival
         The Knitting Factory, NYC
1994 New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY
1992 Artist's Space, NYC
1992 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), LA, CA
1984 Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut

Selected Media Coverage

1997 The New York Times, (June 22)
         The Star-Ledger (Feb 14 )
1995 The New York Times, (October 22)
1993 WCBS-TV, (April 2)
         New York Newsday, (April 4)
1991 The Village Voice, (July 2)
          The New York Times, (January 20)
1980 The Daily News, (July 18)

Selected Collection

1994 The Museum of Modern Art, NYC (Artist's Book Collection)
1991 The Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY

Selected Awards

1991 Granted residency at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY
1970 Shared the Academy Award for Best Documentary as a
         cinematographer on "Woodstock"

Comp1ete Exhibitions & Performances

2001 "Cineprobe Series - 'Pollack Squared'," performance as
  Weapons Commander Death  in Bill Rabinovitch's
  epic video feature, Museum of Modern Art, NYC
 "The Sound of Shapes/the Shapes of Sound," panel discussion,
  Phoenix Gallery, Artists Talk on Art Panel Series, NYC
1999 "Alternate Photography," slide lecture by Michael Ward von
  Young-Harris College, Galloway School, Atlanta, GA,
  Lakeview Museum, Bradley University, Peoria, IL,
  Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY,
  Stevens Institue of Technology, NJ,
  Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CN,
  Museum of Art, Jacksonville, FL
1998 "Ihe Luminous Image 111," curated by Franc Palaia,
  VELAN, Torino, Italy
 "A Common Threod: Digital Media and the Creative Process,"
  curated by Victor Faccinto,
  Wake Forest University Gallery, NC
1997 "The Luminous Image 11," curated by Franc Palaia,
  Eighth Floor Gallery, NYC
 "The Shape of Time & Tide," curated by Joy Wulke,
  The Mystic Art Association, Mystic, CN
 "Aurinko," curated by Janne Koski, Rauma Arts Museum,
  Rauma, Finland
 "The Graven Image," A Pro Arts Project,
  curated by Robert Costa, Max Fish, NYC
 "The Graven Image," A Collective Intelligence Project,
  curated by Robert Costa, The Tomosuto Gallery,
  Union County College, Cranford, NJ
  video presented by Carl Machover,
  Bradford University, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
 "Profound Playthings," curated by Leslie Scheiblberg,
  The Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
 Small Computers in the Arts (SCAN) Conference,
  video presented by Carl Machover,
  Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA
 "Art from Detritus 111," curated by Vernita N'Cognita,
  in conjunction with The National Recycling Coalition conference,
  One Mellon Bank Center Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.
 "Lumen-Essence 2," curated by Cynthia Pannucci,
  Westbeth Gallery in collaboration with
  Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies & ASCI, NYC
 "Neo-Kinetics: Postmodern Techne," organized by
  The ASCI Exhibition Committee, Eighth Floor, Inc., NYC
1995 "Polaroid Techno1ogy," organized by Vernita N'Cognita,
  Viscom '95, Javit's Center, NYC
 "Recycling with Imagination: Art from Detritus 11-111," curated by
  Vernita N'Cognita, Eighth Floor,Inc., NYC
 "SOLID STATE," curated by Robert Costa, Morgan Industrial Center,
  Jersey City, NJ
 "between this and that," organized by Carolanna Parlato,
  Eighth Floor, Inc., NYC
 "Recycling with Imagination: Art from Detritus 11," curated by
  Vernita N'Cognita, Eleven East Ashland IAS, Phoenix, AZ
 "art AND technology," curated by Richard Leslie,
  University Art Gallery, Staller Center for the Arts,
  State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY
 "Entering Buttermilk Bottom," a REPOhistoy Project,
  Atlanta Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA
 "Recycling with Imagination: Art from Detritus 11," curated by
  Vernita N'Cognita, The Linda Hall Library of Science,
  Kansas City, Missouri
 "Westbeth: The next 25 Years," selected by J. Taylor Basker,
  Westbeth Galleries, NYC
 "DIGITAL SITE art/computer interface," curated by M. Frisk and
  C. Pannucci, @Cafe, 12 St. Mark's Place, NYC
  (World Wide WEB site: http://nttad.com/asci
 New York International Video Festival, curated by
  Alexander Karinsky, The Knittiny Factory, NY
  (8/17 9:3O screeniny)
1994 "Engaging Optics," curated by R. Marc Fasanella,
  The Gallery at Hastings-on-the-Hudson, Hastings-on-the-Hudson, NY
 "Recycling with Imagination: Art from Detritius,"
  curated by Vernita N'Cognita, Metro Regional Center,
  Portland, 0R
 "SOUNDsensations" The Inside Story of Audio,"
  New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY
 "Five ASCI Artists," curated by C. Pannucci for
  The Illuminating Engineering Society Booth
  at "Lightfair," in Jarvits Center, NYC
1993 "Night of 1,000 Drawings," Benefit for Artist's Space,
  Artist's Space, NYC
  Benefit for the Children's Museum of Manhattan,
  at Madelyn Jordan Gallery, NYC,
 "Lumen Essence," curated by the ASCI Exhibition Committee,
  1 Main STREET Sculpture Space, Brooklyn, NY
 "Approaching History: RepoHistory at Four Walls,"
  moderated by Marc O'Brien, Four Walls, Williamsburg, NY
 "Image du Futur '93" curated by H. Fischer and C. Major,
  La Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal,
  Montreal Quebec, Canada
 "Spring Works: The Pull of Kinetics 11," curated by C. Pannucci,
  New York Hall of Science, NY
1992 "Issue of Choice," Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE),
  coordinated by Ginger Heffner
 "The Salon of the Mating Spiders," Herron Test Site Gallery,
  Williamsburg, NY
 "Choice Histories: Framing Abortion," curated by RepoHistory,
  Artist's Space, NYC
 "The Pull of Kinetics," curated by C. Pannucci, Artist Access Gallery,
  Snug Harbor Center, Staten Island, NY
1991 "Tweeking the Human," curated by Roxy Paine and Kit Blake,
  Minor Injury and Brand Name Damages Galleries, Williamsburg, NY
1990 "Nature and the Machine," curated by R. Marc Fasanella,
  The Gallery at Hastings on the Hudson, Hastings, NY
1989 "Energy as a Medium," moderated by David Donihue,
  Artists Talk on Art (ATOA) Panel, SOHO 20 Gallery, NYC
1988 "Macabre Show," curated by Pamela Stockwell,
  Stockwell Gallery, N.Y.C.
 "Post Reception Party," curated by Pamela Stockwell,
  40 Worth, N.Y.C.
 "Childhood in Art," curated by Pamela Stockwell,
  Stockwell Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986 "Anima1 Art", Iguana Gallery, N.Y.C.
 "Evolution of the Glob," performance with Ann Onymous,
  Tompkin's Square Library Gallery, N.Y.C.
1985 "The Gathering of the Avant Garde, 1948-1970",
  Kenkeleba Gallery and Henry Street Settlement
 "Visual Music," Downtown Beirut, N.Y.C.,(one Person Show)
1984 "The David Bermant Collection: Color, Light, Motion,"
  Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford Connecticut
 "Pan Arts Kamikazi Karnival," Kamikazi Club, N.Y.
1980 "Avant-Garde Festival," performance with EXIT,
  coordinated by Charlotte Moorman, 55th Street Pier, N.Y.C.
 "If Ya Like Being Deafened by Rock'n'Roll, You'11 Love Being Blinded 
by My Amazing Uisual Synthesizer," performonce with EXIT,
  The Botany, N.Y.C.
 "Kongress at Max's," performance with Otto Von Ruggins,
  Max's Kansas City, N.Y.C.
1979 "Rock Ages," interactive performance with David Peel,
  Rock'n'Roll Flea Market, N.Y.C.
1978 "Energy into Art," Curated by Bruce Chambers,
  Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, NY
1975 "Photon," interactive performance, coordinated by Truckin 
Wheatman, Cockroach Art Cafe, N.Y.C.
1974 "Avant Garde Festival," performance with Otto Von Ruggins,
  coordinated by Charlotte Moorman, Shea Stadium, N.Y.C.
1972 "Photon," presented by Jack Boyle, Lincoln Hall, NY
1971-75 "Photon," interactive performance, Greenwich Village, N.Y.C.
1970 "Photon," presented by Leonard Altman, New School, N.Y.C.
 "People Arts," University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
 "Arkentheron 11," performance produced by Lawrence Kraman,
  Brooklyn College, N.Y.C.
 "Photon," presented by The Alliance of Light Artists, in affiliation
  The Museum of the Media, N.Y.C.

Directorial Credits

1996 Director & Cameraman, "ATOA Presents," series on channel 16,
 Time Warner Cable in Manhattan:
 "Can Artists Lose their Lofts?" with NY State Senator Catherine Abate,
  NYC Councilmember Katherine Freed, Marie Dormuth of
  Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants (LMLT), (Mar. 28)
 "Arthur Danto in dialogue with Elaine Marinoff," (Mar 7)
 "Douglas Davis in dialogue with Connie Beckley," (Jan. 25)
 "Memorial Evening," with Donna Marxer, Vernita N'Cognita, et a1. (Dec.1)
1995 Director & Cameraman, "ATOA Presents," series on channel 16,
 Time Warner Cable in Manhattan:
 "WHAT DOES AGE HAUE T0 DO WITH IT?" with Donna Marxer, Rebecca
  Purdum, Alexis Rockman, Elizabeth Murry, Joe DiGiorio,
  Dorothy Gillespie, and David Slivka
 "Sassafras, and Lagniappe," with Laurie Schneider Adams,
  Sydney Byrd, Gilbert Fletcher, Sally Heller, and Mollyne Karnofsky
 "Museum Seen," Clare Bell / Guggenheim, Thelma Golden / Whitney,
  Valerie Mercer / Studio Museum of Harlem,
  Laura Trippe / New Museum (June 15)
 "Carolee Schneeman in dialogue with Kathy O'Dell (June 8)
 "Holly Solomon in dialogue with Robert Costa," (June 1)
 "Dennis Oppenheim in dialogue with Max Hutchinson," (May 25)
 "Benny Andrews in dialogue with Lori Antonacci," (May 18)
 "Public Meeting on the Warhol Foundation," With Arch Gillies,
  Judd Tully, Alexandra Peers, Bill Rabinovitch (May 11)
 "Komar and Melamid in dialogue with Elliot Barowitz," (May 4)
 "Judy Seigel in dialogue with Jeff Perone," (April 27)
 "Nancy Spero in dialogue with Vernita N'Cognita," (January 1)
 "Women Do Comics," With Mary Wilshire, Nicole Eisenman,
  Jenny Tango, et a1. (January 12)
 "Donald Kuspit in dialogue with Elaine Marinoff," (February 2)
 "Grace Hartigan in dialogue with Irving Sandler," (February 16)
 "Larry Rivers in dialogue with Stephen Di Lauro," (March 2)
 "Hilton Kramer in dialogue with Gino Rodriguez," (March 9)
1994 Director & Cameraman,"ATOA Presents," series on channel 16,
  Time Warner Cable in Manhattan:
 "Will the Art Market Survive?" with Ivan Karp &
  Elaine Marinoff, (October 6)
 "Future Muse," with Athomas Goldberg, John Ippolito,
  Douglas I. Sheer, et al." (October 13)
 "The World of Artist's Books," with Clive Phillpot, Richard Minsky,
  Steve Clay, et al. (October 2O)
 "Jay Milder in Dialogue with Judd Tully," (November 11)
 "No Failure / No Success," with Will Barnet, Ashley Bickerton,
  Tery Fugate-Wilcox, et al. (December 1)
 "A. D. Coleman in Dialogue with Douglas I. Sheer," (December 22)


1997 The New York Times, "Making the Leap from Science to Art
  and Beyond," by William Zimmer, page 14 CN
  (June 29), CN
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1996 The ASCI Bulletin, "Lumen-Essence 11," by Cynthia Pannucci,
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1995 The New York Times, "Casting a Spell from Lasers and Video to
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 The Stony Brook Statesman, "Interactive Art at the Staller Center,"
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 "art AND technology," catalog essay by Richard Leslie, published by
  University Art Gallery, Staller Center for the Arts,
  State Universiity of New York at Stony Brook, NY
 The Atlanta Constitution, "City Works," by Catherine Fox, page C7,
  (Sept. 19 ), Atlanta, GA
 The Atlanta Constitution, "Uncovering Buttermilk Bottom," by Bo 
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1969 The Alliance of Light Artists, "Tbe Photon Factory," catalog 
entry, p. 29, illustrated, published by The Museum of the Media, N.Y.C.

Video Coverage

1995 Manhattan Cable TV, "Art Seen," (August 15)
  produced by Bill Rabinovitch
1994 NYU-TV, "Gamma-51, (Episode V)
  produced by Jeff Severtson, NYC
1993 Manhattan Cable 16, "Art Seen," (December)
  produced by Bill Rabinovitch, NYC
 Radio Canada-TV (May 14), Montreal, Canada
 WCBS-TV, "11:00 News", Morey Alter (April 2), NYC
1991 Willow Mixed Media, "Amiga Artists on the Air: #15,
  Toaster Toolkit Plus," Glenford, NY
1972 WPIX-TV, "6:00 News," Don Ellison (July 30 show), NYC
1970 WNYC-TV, "The Leonard Altman Show," NYC

On Line Coverage

1996 Pseudo On Line Radio, Art Dirt with
  G.H. Hovagimyen (August 29)
  http:// pseudo.com
 Art & Science Callaborations, NYC
  http:// nttad.com/asci


1991 Art Futura, Barcelona, Spain
1986 Allendale Center, Pittsfield, MA
1983 Long Ridge Mall, Rochester, NY
1979 12 West, NYC
1978 Aggadir, NYC
1977 Long Ridge Mall, Rochester, NY
 Disco Trek, NYC
 Gables Disco, NYC
1976 Grand Ballroom, Hotel Diplomat, NYC
 Tuxedo Ballroom, NYC
 Jouissance, NYC
1975 Rouge et Blanc, NYC
 Disco Adonis, NYC
 Murry the K's Cest Le Vie, NYC
1974 Le Twinkle Zone, NYC
 Limelight Disco, NYC
 Jack Nickolas Bar, NYC
1973 Fresh Disco, NYC
 Gaslight Discotheque, NYC
 Ira Sandrof Company, NYC
 Digital Lighting Corporation, NYC
1972 Sundown to Sundown Dept. Store, NYC
 Wildwood Amusement Parlor, Wildwood, NJ


1996 Mellie Hill, Boise, ID
1994 Museum of Modern Art, NYC
 {Library Collection of Artist's Books)
1991 R. Marc Fasanella, Ardsley, NY
 Dr. Susan Herrick, Philadelphia, PA
1990 T. Lawrence Wheatman, NYC
1989 Jack Bashkow, NYC
1986 Gracie Mansion, NYC
1985 David Bermant, Santa Monica, CA
 Dr. George Leonard, SF, CA
1980 Paula Tavins, NYC
1973 Lonny Lindenbaum, NYC
I971 Aaron D. Hinesley, North Webster, IN

Academic Appointments

1986-1995 Lecturer, Discovery Center, NYC
1981-86 Lecturer, Westwinds Learning Center, NYC
1971-73 Lecturer, NYU School of the Arts, NYC

Personal History

1994 - 2001 Video Director of Artists Talk on Art, NYC
1992 Joined Board of Directors, RepoHistory, NYC
1992 Elected to the Board of Directors, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
1990 Electerd of Directors, Artists Talk on Art (ATOA)
1980 Accepted spiritual name, Flash Light
1971 Elected to the Board of Directors, Solid State Light, Inc., NYC
1969 Began publicly exhibiting art based on electronic animation
1968-71 Freelance cinematographer, credits include
        "Woodstock" and "The Evil Weed"
1968 Received B.A., Washington Square College, New York University
      (worked with Martin Scorsese on his first feature)