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We are a two-person team whose work investigates the intersection 
between art, design and technology. Our work is especially focused on 
humanizing technology as well as employing it as a medium for poetic 
experience. We believe in the beauty of technology and its capacity to 
enable complex tasks, communicate stories, and enhance the spaces 
around us.

As graduates of the Media Arts and Sciences Program at Massachussetts 
Institute of Technology we have both been well exposed to the idea of 
creative application of technology and have made it a primary basis of 
our own professional careers. We have extensively explored material 
qualities of technology through internal and commissioned exhibition 
pieces. Our work reflects our broad range of interests: hardware, software, 
design, and traditional art and craft techniques.

We recently completed a residency at the Anderson Ranch Art Center, 
having been selected for their Extending Creativity in Digital Media 
NEA-funded program. We used the opportunity to further develop and 
refine our process for hand-printing electroluminescent (EL) lamps using 
traditional screenprinting techniques. On a modest scale, the resulting 
prints exemplify what we strive for in our work: unique process, 
integration of inherently interesting technology, a focus on materiality, 
and the juxtaposition of electronics with organic form and behavior.